Custom Binders: Toronto-based Partners Make Good Sense

Custom Binders Toronto
Toronto boasts some of the best and most respected business solutions companies in Canada, and in the world. If you are considering ordering customized binders, sales kits, packaging, or promotional items like pens, tote bags, or calendars, investigate Toronto companies first. Chances are you'll be very impressed by the range of options and the creative talent that can be found in the greater Toronto area (GTA).
The Toronto Advantage
Here are a few of the reasons why you should consider a Toronto business solutions company first:
  • Transparency. It's easy to find out what sort of reputation a Toronto company has, and to see samples of their work; even to talk to previous clients. If your company is situated in southern Ontario, you can even visit in person and talk to designers and technicians. You can't do this sort of due diligence with overseas or American companies.
  • Design to Delivery Service. Turnkey service is a feature of better Toronto business solutions firms. Rather than just supplying your own artwork to be printed on a binder, you can partner with a firm to create graphics for the binders or other materials.
  • Affordable and Competitive. Toronto is a competitive market for business solutions firms, so prices are affordable. As well, you can be sure that better companies have state-of-the-art equipment and a wide selection of inventory and materials. Before making your final choice, ask for estimates. Unlike orders from international companies, there should be no hidden taxes, duties, or shipping costs when you use a Toronto firm.
  • Human Rights and Environmental Concerns. If you order online, you're never sure whether or not the distant manufacturer is respecting its workers' human rights or treating the environment with respect. In Toronto, many manufacturers run union shops, ensuring that workers are treated fairly. Ontario regulations require companies to protect the environment.
  • Market Knowledge. Only a Canadian company can fully understand the market you're competing in and the audience you're targeting. Choosing a company that also has knowledge of your particular sector can give you a great advantage, since the designer will be familiar with your competition's promotional materials.
  • Innovative Designers. Toronto is a great centre of art and design, so you can rest assured that better business solutions companies will have creative and innovative designers with cutting edge skills and ideas. Collaborating, consulting, and offering input will help the firm's design team come up with the perfect concept.
Binders as Business Tools
Binders are available in many different types, colours, and sizes, and can be customized for virtually any use. You may choose versatile vinyl, durable poly, or beautiful casemade versions. Various types of imprinting are also available, depending on the binder chosen; these range from screenprinting to foil-filled debossing. Specialty customizing such as pockets, fasteners, and metal accents is also possible.
Customized binders can be used for product catalogues, marketing, project bids, fundraising pitches, workshop "takeaways,” company handbooks, training manuals, and much more. Your business solution partners will be able to help you pinpoint the purpose of the binders and maximize their efficiency.
Contact a Toronto business solutions company today, and begin the process of revolutionizing your company's promotional tools!